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We want to make it as easy as possible for you to migrate your devices and energy data to Texture so we support a variety of migration strategies.

Here are a few ways we can help you migrate to Texture:

  1. Direct Migration: For end-user credentials, if you are migrating from hand-rolled integrations or from another platform, you can give us a data dump with your end-user OAuth token and refresh tokens and we can migrate them to Texture. Note, for security reasons, we do not store any usernames or passwords, so unfortunately if you have those today we will be unable to ingest them.
  2. Installer Credentials: For installer credentials, we can work with you to ingest those credentials or use your credentials with the manufacturer and then ingest those devices.
  3. User-driven Migration: We can work with you to provide a migration flow for your end-users to connect their devices to Texture. If you provide us with a list of user emails, we can automate sending them Texture Connect links with a call to action to connect their devices to you via Texture.
  4. Custom Data Sources: If you have a custom data source, we can work with you to ingest that data into Texture. Let's say you have built your own way of integrating with an energy device of a type that the Texture Platform supports. You can provide us with the data and we can ingest it into Texture so it can sit in your Energy Network just like every other Device. This is currently in beta so please contact us if you are interested in this feature.